NewsDecember 13, 2019

10 photos that’ll inspire you to travel to the Maldives

For travelers, taking photos and sharing has become a must-do. Sharing images has become the main means of communication and this has led to the importance of social media influencers and bloggers. Within the palm of our hand, we can see pictures of the most idyllic spots from around the world, and travel behaviors are changing as a result.

There are lots of content about the most Googled destination, the Maldives from these influencers. From having breakfast at the seashores to trying something wild like swimming with sharks, it is certain that the Maldives has a lot more to offer than just the beautiful crystal clear waters and the white sandy beaches.


Our team at TTM decided to take on the near-impossible task of hunting down 10 images from various social media sources to inspire you to choose the Maldives as your next travel destination. You’re welcome!


Who wants to start the day with some breakfast by the sea?

Photo credits: seefromthesky via IG

Just a swim with a school of Manta Rays, a bucket list moment indeed.

Photo credits: twosometravellers via IG

Rock on with the friendly neighboring turtle.

Photo credits: seefromthesky via IG

Untold stories are shipwrecks waiting to be found in ocean eyes. Let’s dig deeper into the turquoise waters?

Photo credits: seefromthesky via IG

Welcome to Scarif. May the Force be with you as you travel down the path where stormtroopers clashed with the rebels in Rogue One.

Photo credits: najnudge via IG

“Sorry, I’m busy doing nothing.” Let the ocean waves bring you peace.

Photo credits: via IG

A must-do when in Laamu – the atoll of fairy.

Photo credits: umarube via IG

In a world full of fish, dare to be a shark.

Photo credits: seefromthesky via IG

The illuminating colors of the whale sharks will surely take your breath away. Take in the mesmerizing patterns on the back of the whale shark as you trace the path of these gentle giants through the crystal clear blue waters.

Photo credits: yaag3y_spearfish via IG

Conclude the evening with a view of the amazing sunset from a tree pod.

Photo credits: theglobewanderer via IG