NewsSeptember 24, 2018

The Ministry of Tourism has released the Maldives Tourism Performance Report 2018

As per the statistics released by the Ministry of Tourism in September, 972,839 tourists have visited the Maldives till the end of August 2018. This is a 9.1% increase compared to 2017. Categorizing by gender, 48% Males and 52% Females visited the Maldives during this period. The duration of stay of a tourist in the Maldives is an average of 6.4 days.

Moreover, the tourist arrivals to the Maldives is categorized by region. Europe (49%) and Asia & the Pacific (42%) are the major regions from which tourist visits the Maldives. Other regions include America (5%), Africa (1%) and the Middle East (4%).


The top ten markets for tourism in the Maldives are :

1) China (20%)

2) U.K (7.7%)

3) Germany (7.3%)

4) Italy (7.2%)

5) India (5.3%)

6) Russia (4.9%)

7) France (3.6%)

8) U.S.A (2.8%)

9) Japan (2.7%)

10) Australia (2.5%)

The Tourism Performace Report also consists of the Accommodation Capacity and the Occupancy rate of the Maldives till August 2018.

The Accommodation Capacity has a total of 43,099 beds including Resorts, Guesthouses, Safari Vessels and Hotels. From which 30,341 beds are from Resorts, 8,134 beds from Guest Houses, 2,764 beds from Safari Vessels and 1,860 beds from Hotels.

The Occupancy rate, at the end of August 2018 is calculated to be 63% from which February had an occupancy rate of 81%. This is an increase of 12.3% bed nights compared to 2017. This is a total bed night of 6,270,308.