NewsOctober 13, 2020

5 Key Features of TTM Virtual Platform

Maldives leading travel trade show, TTM Maldives 2020 will now be held virtually from 25th to 26th November.

This year, the TTM Maldives 2020 Virtual will make use of TTM CONNECT software with added features including virtual profiles and video call feature.  We look into how TTM Maldives 2020 virtual platform will stand out.


1. One-of-a Kind Connection Hub for the Industry

With borders reopening and travel resuming throughout the globe, TTM Maldives 2020 virtual is the platform that will bring the travel industry together. The event will serve as a much-needed hub for travel connections to the industry people, bringing people together and to open Maldives to international travel interactions.

2. The New Fully-Automated Travel Network of the B2B Travel Industry

The Travel Network, TTM Connect is a fully automated system which continually offers users relevant travel industry contact information. All registered attendees at TTM Maldives 2020 may access the Travel Network, i.e. trade visitors, summit participants, exhibitors and representatives of the media who have acquired partnership with TTM.

3. Create Your Virtual Profile for B2B Travel Industry

The pandemic has heightened the need for virtual presence. The travel industry can harness intelligent strategies to make sure it remains future-proof even in a challenging environment. TTM Connect enables users to set up a profile, match interests, be contacted and network. They can also follow other users, exchange contact details, chat and set up appointments.

4. Communication and Engagement: One-on-one real time meetings with agents from anywhere in the world

‘Virtual rooms’ are being made available online where users can hold meetings which they had scheduled prior TTM Maldives 2020. A video link enables face-to-face meetings – it is also possible to communicate via an audio link only.

5. Reach the B2B Travel Community via Public Presentations 

Participants can not only host digital panel discussions but can use the platform for conducting industry presentations to the whole community as well. These public presentations can be viewed by everyone in the network.

In addition to this, the streaming and video programmes by the properties will be updated regularly in order to provide additional content. Details and updates from the properties will be updated on the Connect software by themselves at any time.