NewsSeptember 7, 2020

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Ukulhas to Experience Island Life

The unrivalled beauty of Ukulhas Island makes this Maldives hotspot an unbeatable holiday destination. Each year, visitors are stunned by its white-sand beaches, lush vegetation and turquoise seas. This makes Ukulhas the ideal destination to explore the Indian Ocean’s treasures — a bounty of colorful tropical fish and sea life. Ukulhas has won awards for being the leading guesthouse island in Maldives as it is one of the best island for local islands tourism. The island is famous for its eco-friendly culture, with regular cleaning and planting programs taking place each year to keep the island looking its best. Here are the reasons why you should visit Ukulhas to experience island life in Maldives.

1. Award winning beach


Ukulhas beach, or as the locals call it “Olhumathi Beach’’, has won the national award for being the best beach in Maldives. The locals of Ukulhas Island are conscious about the waste they produce and work hard with the island council to keep the beach and the island clean. Travelers from across the globe come to Ukulhas Island seeking beach perfection; and they are never disappointed. The fact that tourists can go snorkeling right from the beach, where the reefs are packed with schools of colorful fishes and the occasional turtle is an added bonus. Tourists fall in love with Ukulhas beach and this has become a major reason for our repeated visitors.

2. Surrounded by famous dives sites in Maldives

Ukulhas Island is in a prime location for the more adventurous tourists as well as the beach lover. There are several popular dive sites including “Ukulhas Thila” and “Hafsa Thila” just minutes away from the island. All you have to do is book a trip with our local guides and they will handle everything else. These sites house a variety of different fish, beginning with white tip sharks at the top and as you go deeper you meet grey reef sharks, batfish and fusiliers. Go for a night dive in these points for a more exciting scene, as this is when sharks and eels come out for hunting.

3. Can spot mantas all year around

Spotting and swimming with Manta rays is a must when you visit Ukulhas. The Manta ray spot is just a short boat ride away and you can see these majestic creatures “flying” around in a mellow rhythm all year round. This is one of the few such spot in Maldives where it’s almost always guaranteed to meet the rays. When you see a Manta ray from the surface, it’s hard not to jump in and get swimming alongside them. They are super relaxing and exciting at the same time. This experience is truly magical and should not be missed in your holiday in Maldives.

4. Local island life

Ukulhas is a close knit community where locals lead simple, laidback lives. Unlike most other islands, people of Ukulhas are very outgoing. Take a stroll around Ukulhas and you’ll always see men and women relaxing on “joalis
” sharing a laugh. Ukulhas also enjoys youth with a vibrant set of skills. You can find budding artists, photographers, musicians, writers and many more within this tiny island. This is not to say that traditional skills have been forgotten. At dusk, local fishermen in action is a sight to behold. You are sure to find a friendly local ready to strike up a conversation. If you are lucky, they may even let you ride on their motorbikes!

5. World class conference facility

Ukulhas Convention Center is a newly built property capable of hosting various events. Apart from the capital city, such facilities are only available in luxury resorts. The opening of Ukulhas Convention Center opens a new door to those who are seeking to host their events in a beautiful small island in Maldives with a reasonable price. The facility is perfect for SMEs & NGOSs to host their conferences and meetings. The best part is as Ukulhas is booming tourism island, accommodation arrangements can easily be made from guesthouses that boasts modern conveniences.