NewsMay 5, 2020

5 Ways Your Hotel Stay Will Be Different Post-Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything about how we live in the short-term, and maybe forever too. Travel brings people together, it is how we learn about other cultures and connect globally. Though travel will resume, it will not look the same again. Here’s what to expect in the hotel world.

Temperature checks: 


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It may not just be the airport check-in counters that will require temperature checks. Hotels too, especially those hosting some of the medical community, will definitely require temperature checks before guests are able to enter the hotel. They may either use infrared thermometers or thermal cameras to monitor any fevers at front desks for employees and guests.


Social distancing and masks: 

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Social distancing is the new norm. Properties are expected to enforce social distancing by removing chairs and placing markers to help keep guests apart. Some may even require masks be worn in common areas.


Stricter sanitation practices:

Hotels are already ramping up cleanliness measures. Hotel chains like Hilton is partnering with the company behind Lysol, as well as the Mayo Clinic, to better ensure cleanliness in its hotels — part of a hygienic industry trend in the wake of the new coronavirus.

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As most travelers will be hyper-conscious of cleanliness, hotels will need to ensure that they are committed to the cleanliness and safety of guests and employees.  Hotel inspections may also be put into place that specifically look into how the hotel is keeping clean.


More automation: 

hotel Automation – Urban Homz

More technology will be implemented in the check-in and check-out processes along with use of use of smartphones (instead of cash or card) to pay for any services, make any upgrades, and order meals or other hotel services. More automation as means to provide less contact and touch points to work in line with the new norm.


Closed gyms, spas, and other amenities: 

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Gyms, spas, and other services are likely to be shut temporarily or be limited in the services available. Additionally, swimming pools may be closed. However these services will be reintroduced slowly.