NewsDecember 28, 2022

A Luxury Culinary Adventure For Food Lovers at Niyama Private Islands Maldives

With twin islands Play and Chill, Niyama Private Islands Maldives offers you the true luxury of choice, with everything expected from an island resort and so much more. Catering to every imaginable taste, they also bring global gastronomy to the islands.

Hover over the water or submerge beneath the sea at one of the best underwater restaurants in the Maldives. Soar among the treetops or dance with the flames. Select your perfect setting – or let your fantasies create a new dining reality. Your culinary adventure knows no bounds at Niyama, home to 9 unique restaurants in Maldives with distinct destination dining experiences. 


Here are 3 restaurants that will make the highlight of your next vacation at Niyama Private Islands.


Descend a dramatic three-tier staircase to Subsix located six metres underwater. The aquatic-themed décor and Italian abstract chandeliers will make you feel like you are lounging on the reef with the marine life around you. Dive into Champagne breakfasts, subaquatic lunches, gourmet dinners while watching the bustling fishes or get your groove on as the night luminescence twinkles from the sea.


Nest will take you to the lush vegetation of Niyama. Perched in and among the trees, discover avant-garde presentations by Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian chefs grace your table in one of the most spectacular restaurants in the Maldives. For a theatrical meal, the teppanyaki table is the most desired in the house.


Take a culinary journey to Africa and Latin America with a visit to Tribal. From the Masaai warrior greeting you to the aromas of chimichurri and chipotle, you will wonder at the fabulous flavours from ingredients like ostrich and octopus. House specials include dry-aged beef rubbed with native spices.