NewsAugust 16, 2022

A Seat at the Tastemakers’ Table of Grand Park Kodhipparu Maldives!

The sizzle of the famous Josper grill in the fine dining restaurant FireDOOR or the sensorial sound of pouring wine in the Cellar, Grand Park Kodhipparu Maldives is always a treat for food lovers. Layered with heavenly doses of private dining experiences and culinary immersion experiences such as wine dinners, the resort creates elegant spaces to dine around the island in plenty of style. In a quest to find the most creative background stories of wineries and vineyards, Grand Park Kodhipparu Maldives collaborates with world-renowned winemakers from around the world every month. This month’s wine dinner was in partnership with a 9th -generation winemaker and viticulturist from the iconic Slovenian winery Movia.

The highlight of these immersive experiences is that guests from different parts of the world sit together around one table while the winemakers and the chefs transport the guests deep into the pages of the storybook. A great meal will certainly take you places, whether through the history of a family that fled the war and built a small winery that’s now an empire, or how a small community from rural Indonesia source the rarest of the ingredients that are on your plate. At the end of an exquisitely designed sixcourse wine pairing dinner, the guests would have made friends from different parts of the world, and learned a tale as old as time to add to the luxurious holiday memoirs of the Maldives.


Each bespoke culinary experience is tailored to one’s tastebuds and can range from a floating deck in the ocean to a dimly lit set-up in the jungle or a sensorial private sandbank escape leaving the entire world behind. For more exclusive seasons one will also catch the flash of a fire from a Michelin-starred chef pop-up. Even without the extravagance of the private culinary experiences, guests are welcome to dine around for lunch at dinner at any of the restaurants. There are no clocks, schedules, or to-do lists. Simply ample space for unscripted and unrestrictive experiences. So, here’s an invitation to meet the culinary virtuosi, indulge in rare vintages, taste the way around the world in style, and admire cinematic landscape before ending up on curved white sand beaches for a final finale. Bottoms up!