NewsJune 28, 2021

A Summer of Discovery – Daily Adventures for Kids at JOALI

Young explorers, artists, and dreamers are invited! This summer, JOALI invites families to stay in the first and only art-immersive resort in the Maldives, offering young guests, below the age of 12, to stay, play and dine for free at the resort.

JOALI has prepared a variety of fascinating activities designed specifically for children aged 4 to 12. These educational activities, hosted by Muramas Kids Club, will provide the ideal blend of learning, creativity, and fun. JOALI encourages their young VIPs to try new things in the fields of culture, oceanography, environmental science, astronomy, health, sports, and creative arts.


Children will discover the wonders beneath the sea with a line-up of engaging activities about marine life.  The guided snorkeling tour will undoubtedly be the highlight, providing an incredible first-hand view of the breathtaking underwater world. Young guests will have the opportunity to build a deeper awareness of the ocean, hosted by JOALI’s Resident Marine Biologist, Ida-Wenona Hendricks.

JOALI’s Summer Discovery Camp will also include a clay and ceramics arts class, allowing kids to channel their curiosity and express their imagination through a hands-on experience in the creative arts. This will be facilitated by Nataliya Kuleshova, JOALI’s Resident Artist.

The resort’s Resident Yoga and Holistic Teacher will facilitate yoga for kids that will help young achievers deal with stress in a healthy way, while also infusing their personalities with energy and confidence. Easy-to-learn asanas, mindful breathing exercises, and basic yoga techniques will promote self-esteem and body awareness through non-competitive physical activity.

Stefan Mijuskovic, JOALI’s very own Tennis Pro, will lead the resort’s Tennis Academy, which will provide guests sessions and training to improve their physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness. Tennis is one of the most beneficial and entertaining sports for children, and it is preferable to introduce them to this sport at an early age.

Music fans will get the chance to live the dream of being a DJ for a day with JOALI’s DJ workshops, which will be part of the summer program. The weekly sessions will provide a basic introduction to disc jockeying as well as hands-on practice with beat-mixing, spinning, and scratching, facilitated by the resort’s Resident DJ.

The program will also introduce JOALI’s newest activity, stargazing, a magical way to introduce astronomy to the little ones. They can learn about the moon, constellations, and planets by playing space-themed games. With clearer surroundings, JOALI’s location provides an unrivaled opportunity to explore the night sky, where the stars are brighter and easier to spot.

JOALI’s Summer Discovery Camp will be a two-week educational program that will run until September. Every day brings a new adventure, from studying Maldivian traditions including music, language, and traditional games, to learning valuable skills such as cooking and baking. It will be a summer of discovery and exploration, to expand children’s horizons and spark a sense of wonder and joy.

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