NewsFebruary 10, 2019

Abdulla Shareef as the new Director of Operations at Innahura Maldives Resort

Abdulla Shareef was appointed as the new Director of Operations at Innahura Maldives Resort.  He has knowledge and experience as Guests Services Manager, Reservations Manager, Food & Beverage Operations Manager, Executive Housekeeper, and Front Office Manager.  Shareef also holds a diploma in hotel management, an advanced diploma in digital marketing and a bachelors degree in international hospitality.

Shareef describes Innahura as ‘a slice of untouched paradise’ and pointed out the islands huge turquoise lagoon that glimmers under the sun as Innahura’s catchiest feature, together with the resort’s concept of offering guests unpretentious, easy experiences with an emphasis on authenticity and local heritage.


The resort allowed Shareef to channel his creativity, love of art and passion for smart technology by allowing him to create a few original designer pieces of furniture and lights at the resort, using a lot of reclaimed wood and other locally sourced materials. You’ll get to admire the very best pieces in the restaurants and bars at Innahura Maldives Resort.