NewsMarch 8, 2020

Adaaran Emphasizes on a Gender Equal World Celebrates Women’s Day in Style 2020

In light of this year’s campaign theme for International Women’s Day, (#EachforEqual) Adaaran Resorts has hosted 20 female lecturers from the Maldives National University where they were invited to spend time at the Adaaran Prestige Vadoo and enjoy some quality time while taking a much-needed break from work and home.

Recognizing the sacrifices that women make not just for their families and friends but also for the communities they hail from, Adaaran, as a dignified name in the world of hospitality in the Maldives treated these amazing ladies on a day out at the resort, and allow them with the opportunity to engage with each other and enjoy themselves.


During their stay at Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, the ladies were part of an agenda that included a Social Etiquette training and awareness session which also included a dining etiquette program conducted by the Learning & Development department of Aitken Spence Hotels in the Maldives.

Taking into account the recognition that Adaaran Prestige Vadoo portrays as the recipient of the prestigious 7S+ Award, the ladies were also provided with an informative session where they were able to experience the 7S+ Industrial Housekeeping concept adopted by the resort and witness best practices exercised at the resort. The 7S+ mechanism is the extended version of the famous Japanese 5S concept. The ladies were also treated to a hearty lunch at the beach restaurant.

The agenda also included fun and engaging activities such as a cake decoration session and competition titled ‘Dress Your Own Cake’, a session the Housekeeping task where they were exposed to bed-making techniques aligned to hotel standards, a Towel Art competition. These demonstrative sessions ended with the ladies getting the chance to experience some watersports and a guided snorkeling tour at Adaaran Prestige Vadoo.

This undertaking was just one of the many engagements that the resort chain focuses on and especially when it comes to women empowerment. In line with the Women’s Day theme of #EachforEqual, Adaaran resorts announced that they understand that everyone deserves to be treated with the same level of respect and inclusivity and therefore, especially recognize the role of women in today’s society as well as their achievements. They highlighted that this is gesture was one to make the MNU group feel involved and celebrated on this special day though they believe that every day is Women’s Day!