NewsSeptember 25, 2019

Adaaran Prestige Vadoo Awarded Best in Maldives at Aitken Spence’s 7S+ Certification Awards 2018

With systematic processes aligned with practicality being essential to success, the Adaaran Resorts chain was recently commended by its mother company Aitken Spence PLC for its best-in-class practices that drive forward the operations of the resort chain.

Five-star Adaaran Prestige Vadoo was recognized as the Best 7S+ Practices in the Maldives while also being recognized as the Best shape practices winner of the Hotel sector, second runner up of Best Computer 7S+. The Resort’s Executive Housekeeper and 7S+ Coordinator Beede Perera was awarded the Best 7S+ Champion title for his tireless efforts to develop, maintain and uphold 7S+ practices in order to drive efficiency within the resort’s operations.


Extended practice of the famous 5S Japanese concept, the 7S+ followed by Aitken Spence group of companies look at (i.) Sort, (ii.) Set (iii.) Shine (iv.) Standardize (v.) Sustain (vi.) Shed (vii.) Shape. The systematic method of organizing the workplace, also known as ‘Industrial Housekeeping’ assists employees in getting their work done with less cost and effort, and in turn, providing a workable space which facilities high quality and higher productivity.

Driving the efforts in the resort and being acknowledged for his passion towards creating high efficiency, Executive Housekeeper Beede Perera has been instrumental in the resort’s multiple wins. Him, along with his team has implemented the likes of sustainable Purchasing Guideline, uplifted the natural beauty of the area by recycling used water bottles, donating a garbage segregation bin to Male city’s clean-up initiatives. Other such practices and initiatives include the introduction of innovative practices of collecting hazardous waste, minimizing the use of plastic straws and instead of using reusable wooden straws, using laundry bags made of cloth instead of plastic ones, placing garbage segregation units strategically around the resort and conducting staff awareness workshops and training on waste management. Using timber offcuts, over 400 units of jetty lights were installed along the jetty and used oil barrels were converted into creative and vibrant seating arrangements for staff.

In keeping with the Aitken Spence Hotel chains long history of sustainable tourism, the resort joined the chain’s other properties in establishing a green-Christmas, with décor being recycled from previous years or created by the resort team by recycled material. As part of the project, the team creating the tallest Christmas tree in the Maldives by utilizing 3,658 used plastic bottles.

The efforts will continue at Vadoo as well as the other resorts to ensure that the good practices are followed in order to drive the line of success the resorts have thus far enjoyed in the industry.