NewsApril 24, 2022

Aeroflot to Resume Flights to Maldives  

After the suspension of flights to Maldives, the Russian flagship carrier Aeroflot has announced that direct flights from Moscow, Russia to the capital of Male’, Maldives will resume.

On the 13th of May, all daily scheduled flights are to be resumed on the Airbus A330 and any passenger with a ticket that was booked earlier will be taking a connecting flight from Colombo, Sri Lanka.


It was informed by the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority that no amendments have been made to their existing agreement despite the suspension, and will continue to provide aircraft support services as necessary.

The recommencement of flights between the two countries will allow a vast majority of Russian tourists to commence their long awaited journeys to Maldives. With more than 200,000 Russian tourists visiting Maldives each year, Russia is second to India having the highest number of tourists visiting the Maldives.