NewsOctober 22, 2019

Agoda To Move Beyond Accommodation & Offer Flights

Agoda is moving beyond accommodation to offer flights. They have built their own flight products where travelers can book airfares on their site without having to leave the platform.

Agoda was all about hotels. Today, they have changed. They started off with flights powered by KAYAK but are now building out their own supply, and have added tours and activities from GetYourGuide, as well as alternative accommodation which has become a strong pillar of the business.


“We have ride-sharing as well,” says Agoda CEO John Wroughton Brown, referring to the partnership it has with Grab.

“The one thing Agoda does not do is do things for the sake of doing them or because we were given a billion dollars in venture funding. We build something because we look very closely at our customers and see if there’s a product they really need or a problem we can solve.”

This was the case of flights in particular because the company saw there was clear intent from customers that they wanted flights.

“So, over the course of five months, we built our own flight product. It’s no longer a KAYAK flick out. You can go to Agoda now and book flights from all over the world.”