NewsApril 2, 2020

Aitken Spence’s Maldives Resorts Offers Virtual Tours This Spring

Aitken Spence’s Maldives resorts are offering virtual tours this spring, the perfect time when everyone is stranded at home due to the coronavirus.

As 2020 progresses into its second quarter, the entire world is dealing with a largely unexpected situation with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. In efforts to contain the virus and mitigate the potential health risks, many countries around the world are recommending their populations to quarantine.


Obviously, this collective pause is having a major impact on traveling. People are being forced to forgo their travel plans and adapt to stay at home during this unprecedented crisis.

However, technology is making possible the impossible, and creating a new paradigm where staying at home doesn’t necessarily mean travelers can’t explore the world from home.

Those with a dream of escaping to the Indian Ocean later this year can preview several of Aitken Spence Hotels’ exquisite resorts in the Maldives virtually via high-resolution online portals.

Agents and holidaymakers can virtually tour offerings such as the surfing facilities at Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi, the underwater coral reef at Adaaran Club Rannalhi, the sunset bar at Adaaran Select Meedhupparu, the overwater villas at Adaaran Prestige Vadoo and the IASO Medical Spa at Heritance Aarah.