NewsAugust 17, 2019

Amilla Fushi introduces Sensora Chromotherapy at Javvu Spa

Amilla Fushi has introduced cutting-edge SENSORA therapy at its world-renowned Javvu Spa; a multi-sensory immersive experience designed to bring profound peace and balance to mind and body.

The SENSORA Light Modulation technology is one of the most advanced chromotherapy systems in the world, clinically proven to bring the brain to rest, effortlessly reduce stress and induce deep relaxation.


SENSORA offers a unique multi-sensorial environment combining light, sound and kinaesthetic vibration. The advanced color-light system recharges the brain’s electrical field and positively interacts with various bio-rhythms such as brainwaves, breath and heartbeat.

The combination of associated colors and frequencies offers many beneficial effects including deeper relaxation; enhanced alertness; increased release of endorphins and reduction in chronic pain, helping to fight insomnia and fatigue; treat anxiety, mental tension and depression; and much more.

Sessions at Amilla’s Javvu Spa can be tailor-made to meet specific wellness needs following a consultation with qualified therapists, or guests can choose one of four 25-minute sessions including relax, a soft experience suitable for all to promote deep relaxation; energy, an intense experience designed to centre energy chakras and ignite creativity and inspiration; balance, a feast of colours to harmonise the nervous system and rebalance energy; and meditation, a guided session based on the techniques of contemporary meditation master Osho to explore deep relaxation.

Each session uses combinations of colours, modulation frequencies and light rhythms specifically programmed to induce the desired mood. A sophisticated projector comprising 20 independent LEDs directs its light onto a large hemispherical screen while an enhanced audio system plays a spatialised soundtrack into the surrounding space.

Reclining on an ergonomic chair, guests are immersed in an ocean of pure color while simultaneously enjoying a sound massage; eight transducers within the chair convert the sounds into kinaesthetic sensations. Shorter sessions of 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes are also available and can be combined to create bespoke experiences.

Recently crowned the world’s ‘Best Luxury Jungle Resort Spa’ at the World Luxury Spa and Restaurant Awards 2019, the Banyan tree-shaded Javvu Spa features 10 treatment pods; a yoga pavilion; fitness centre; a wet area; a private training studio and Wellness Café.

Javvu’s holistic approach is complemented by an integrated spa menu of blissful pampering, featuring results-driven treatments from a carefully curated edit of world-class brands and ancient healing and energy therapies. Most recently, Javvu became the first spa in the Maldives to introduce therapeutic treatments incorporating activated hemp-based products with cannabidiol (CBD).