NewsJune 17, 2021

Amilla Maldives Doubles Down on Sustainability Ethos, Commits to Ethical Meat Supplies

In a move towards further enhancing its wellness cuisine and sustainability goals, Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences has revolutionised the way it does business with suppliers.

The five-star Maldives resort has committed to sourcing, wherever possible, its’ meat and fish from the most ethical sources. As such, most of the meat and fish at Amilla will now be free range, hormone-free and antibiotic free. The animals and fish are reared to give them the highest quality of life possible. This means the contemporary, innovative menus contain the healthiest and highest quality ingredients available.


The majority of meat in the Maldives has to be sourced from overseas due to lack of agricultural land and the general unsuitability of the small coral islands for raising livestock. And while Amilla works hand in hand with local fishermen to supply fresh tuna, wahoo, sailfish, lobster and more, there are still certain items such as cold-water fish like salmon that cannot be sourced locally. That’s why every resort in the island nation works with international suppliers.

But now, Amilla Maldives Resort has overhauled its supply chain to ensure the majority of its imported meat and fish is as sustainable and ethical as possible. This underlines the resort’s commitment to sustainability and healthy eating. Amilla’s comprehensive ‘Wellness Your Way’ wellness cuisine programme has already repositioned it as a leading Maldives resort for wellness.

The changes include a new partnership with Dingley Dell pork suppliers in the UK. Their pork is free-range and is humanely raised using no hormones or antibiotics. The farm is also active in creating a habitat for bumblebees, which helps the whole ecosystem to maintain balance.

Cape Grim, a Tasmania-based farm, is now Amilla’s beef supplier. The Cape has the world’s cleanest air, according to the world Meteorological Pollution Monitoring programme. Clean air becomes clean grass, and clean grass becomes clean meat. And this area sees very high rainfall, meaning the grass grows very well. So, the cows do not have to walk very far to eat a lot, and as such, they maintain their intra-muscular fat, meaning that they have marble scores similar to Angus or Wagyu beef. Cape Grim is also certified non-GMO and is Global Animal Partnership Audited.

Amilla’s salmon, from Regal Marlborough King Salmon in New Zealand, have plenty of room to grow during their lives, with only two percent of the sea farm being occupied by salmon and the remaining ninety-eight percent by water. Regal Marlborough King Salmon abides by sustainable farming commitments and is annually audited and certified by the independent Best Aquaculture Practices programme from The Global Aquaculture Alliance. They have also set a goal of 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging across its business by 2025.

Hazeldene’s Chicken in Australia has been farming free range chickens since 1960. The family-owned company’s free-range birds have the ability to forage naturally and instinctively amongst grasses, weeds, bushes, and trees in a secure environment. Their diet is supported by locally supplied spice extracts and essential oils, creating happy, healthy and tasty chicken. Hazeldene’s also has state of the art facility for breeding and rearing chicks before moving them to the pastures. Their processing plant is fully enclosed, with temperature, humidity and air pressure all controlled for bird comfort.

Amilla Maldives Resort’s Sustainability and Wellness Manager, Victoria Kruse, said: “We have just completed a review of our meat suppliers to ensure that we are sourcing the best products for our guests and for the world at large. Our culinary team fully supports our shift to humanely raised, sustainably farmed meat suppliers. Also worth noting is that the change to these high quality, ethical meats does not bring a big increase in cost of goods, it’s a small change that can make a big difference.”

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