NewsJuly 3, 2019

ATP congratulates Government on passing a resolution to ban single-use plastics by 2025

The resolution intends to ban single-use plastics by 2025 starting with plastic straws, supari packets and plastic bags to be banned by 2020. The bill also calls for the reduction in production and usage of single-use plastic bottles in the Maldives; banning them by 2024.

Single-use plastics pose a great threat to the Maldives’ fragile environment. The main sectors of the country’s economy such as tourism and fisheries are dependent on the conservation of biodiversity, the cleanliness of the oceans and maintaining a sustainable ecosystem. Plastic affects the underwater marine life in many ways, and lead to the death of different types of species. One of the effects includes plastic ingestion. Plastic bags are also mistaken for jellyfish by sea turtles and consume them, resulting in them choking to death, or dying of hunger once the plastic clogs their stomachs.


The Environment and Climate Committee plans to conduct awareness programs to educate the public on refraining from using such products and calls for relevant authorities to take the necessary steps to ensure that the aforementioned goals are reached within the time frame.

Maldives Association of Tourism Professionals (ATP) aims to bring together entire tourism & hospitality professionals under one organized body.

The current campaign run by ATP, calls upon hoteliers to pledge against single-use plastic under the 4RS pledge. ATP urges pledging facilities to reuse durable, non-toxic straws, utensils, to-go containers, bottles, bags and other everyday items within these establishments.