NewsJune 29, 2019

Automated Pricing is the Future – AxisRooms

Automated pricing is the future, said Mr. Jay Mehta, Product Manager at AxisRooms, at the TTM Travel Summit while giving a speech on How You Can Use Data To Maximise Revenue.

During the Summit, he spoke on how automated pricing systems will be introduced into major hotel systems and that it is expected to expand very rapidly. This is very important as rapid development in technology will change many manual processes into automated systems. Moreover, this change will provide the data that is required by companies to make predictions. The systems will create personal experiences for consumers and price them accordingly.


He further highlighted on how smartphones are changing the industry and the quick developments in travel trade through the devices. With the younger generations using smartphones in great numbers, an industry targeted to accommodate this feature will actually thrive better than previous systems. This could also be an opportunity for revenue expansion and accessibility with features such as search option, booking, and check-in now being introduced into the websites and travel platforms.

TTM Travel Summit was held at Bandos Maldives on 11th June 2019 and had several important speakers give insight on the theme “Travel Tech and Analytics” in their respective fields. The Summit was held as a component of the third edition of the largest Travel and Trade show in Maldives, Travel Trade Maldives (TTM).