NewsJune 10, 2019

Bandos Maldives Celebrates Environment Day With Tree Planting Program

Bandos Maldives has carried out a tree planting program in order to commemorate World Environment Day on 5th June 2019. Both guests and staff of the resort took part in this annual initiative by the resort to make the world a more greener place in the future.

In addition to planting trees in the resort on multiple occasions, Bandos also announced the discontinuation of plastic straws for Earth Day on April 2019. Prior to this announcement, they had already introduced glass bottles to replace single-use plastic bottles in the resort.


Located ten minutes away from the Velana International Airport, Bandos Maldives became a tourist resort on 10th December 1972 with 28 rooms and was the second resort to be opened in Maldives. Currently, Bandos Maldives has an over 215 rooms, sumptuous dining options and a variety of leisure options making it a perfect setting for a romantic getaway or peaceful escape from the busy world.