NewsOctober 14, 2019

Bandos Maldives Introduce its own sticker pack for Viber

Bandos Maldives has introduced its own sticker pack for Viber.

The sticker pack shows a female portraying different vacation activities guests can enjoy at Bandos Maldives. The sticker pack features  ‘Love Bandos Maldives’, ‘Vacation at Bandos Maldives’ sticker. It includes stickers from ‘watching the sun@Huvan’ and ‘sipping a cocktail@Huvan’ to ‘watching dolphins @sunset cruise’, ‘hitting the gym @Clubhouse’ and ‘karaoke @Sandbar’. They also have ‘Relax, Renew & Revive ” Orchid Spa’ and ‘gonna go scuba dive with dive Bandos’ sticker.


The Bandos Maldives Viber stickers are available free of charge across all platforms and can be downloadable from the Viber Sticker Market or by visiting: