NewsApril 9, 2020

Bangkok Airways Takes Break for First Time in 52 Years

Bangkok Airways officially signed off as it grounded all services and closed its three owned and managed airports.

The airline posted its farewell message on its Facebook page, Tuesday, promising to be back flying after its self-isolation on the 1 May.


However, there are no guarantees as that depends on ending the COVID-19 threat worldwide. Until that day dawns even the most ardent travelers will be in no hurry to board planes as the main safeguard of social distancing becomes impractical unless you seriously reconfigure commercial aircraft cabin layouts.

In a message to its customers, the airline’s president, Puttipong Prasarttong-Osoth, said “even though we cannot foresee how or when this crisis will end, I strongly believe that eventually we will get through and come out stronger than in the past.

We will continue to do everything in our power to manage the current situation and be more prepared than ever when lives return to normal once again.”

The president noted the airline has never taken a break for 52 years or almost 19,000 days serving all passengers from its heart.

“But April 7 to 30, we need to stop to get going and take a break ‘ in order to get back gracefully.”