NewsMay 27, 2023

Baros Maldives Debuts New Hub for Marine Environment Awareness

Baros Maldives launched a new online section to raise awareness about the fragile marine environment, in addition to the island resort’s current sustainable tourism programmes. As the world celebrates Earth Day, Baros remains committed to promoting sustainable tourism, having been actively engaged in coral restoration and planting since 2006 to combat the adverse effects of rising water temperatures on corals. 

Guests can participate in the coral restoration project by sponsoring coral frames, and the island resort employs a range of techniques to promote growth, including the use of nursery-like pools, suspended lines in the blue lagoon, the renowned Baros coral cubes and personalised frames with name tags and love messages. To date, 458  coral frames have been sponsored. 


As part of its upcoming 50th-anniversary celebrations later this year in  December, the Divers Baros Maldives team, known as the “Baros  Underwater Ambassadors,” has shared their favourite underwater stories, highlighting the island resort’s sustainability initiatives and other valuable insights.  

The Baros underwater ambassadors are passionate about educating guests on good water practices and spreading knowledge on sustainable tourism through the newly launched information hub. The dedicated section features entertaining short stories that provide valuable knowledge in an educational and playful way, revolving around marine flora and fauna, characteristics of resident marine creatures such as the story of Finny, the resident black-tipped shark,  and the natural order of things underwater. 

The short stories generate awareness about the etiquettes of snorkelling and diving and provide readers with insights on parallels with current sustainability movements such as circular economy efforts. The platform also includes practical tips for divers and snorkellers, such as diving slowly and avoiding touching the reef and marine creatures like Manta Rays, which helps preserve their habitats and ensure their survival. 

The Baros underwater ambassadors present a diverse range of  information on the fragile marine ecosystem, its interconnectedness,  and the natural balance that can easily be disrupted due to human  behavior. Guests can read these stories and experiences on the Baros website under each Baros underwater ambassador’s profile, bringing with them a topic close to their hearts and lobbying for sustainable measures in the underwater world surrounding their topics. 

At Baros, guests can explore these topics further with the underwater ambassadors while enjoying a range of marine activities, from coral cube planting to guided tours of snorkelling and diving at the world-class Baros house reef and other exclusive reefs teeming with rich marine life. The private island resort has also implemented eco-friendly practices to reduce its environmental impact, such as replacing plastic straws with paper straws, banning plastic bags, and using glass water and refreshment bottles that are reused for multiple fillings. Baros remains committed to continued progress in terms of sustainability, improving its services one step at a time.