Editor's Pick NewsOctober 19, 2022

Editor’s Pick: Baros Maldives Launches New Guest Experiences to Discover its World-Class House Reef – “Deep Inside the Baros House Reef”

A few steps from the Villa, snorkellers and divers of Baros Maldives have the unique opportunity to witness the beauty of one of the most acclaimed house reefs of the Maldives. Baros’s world-class reef is rich in tropical marine life, healthy corals, and impressive resident creatures: more than 20 identified sea turtles and peaceful reef sharks. Whoever is seeking an easy introduction to the underwater world, the Baros House Reef offers attractive waters for any guest, from newbies snorkellers to advanced divers.

The Baros House Reef is the home reef of many divers looking to improve their skills and strengthen their relationship with the ocean. They can spot the small sunken boat, or a reef shark, as they patrol the shallow waters. The sunken speedboat sitting on the sandy bottom at 20 meters beneath the surface, is surrounded by active Jacks and curious Bat Fishes for guests to explore. 


While it may seem like that is all there is to witness, an extraordinary world of wonders awaits to be observed if you dive a little deeper into your curiosity. Deep inside the Baros House Reef, Nurse Sharks and White Tip Reef Sharks repose on the sand and underneath the colourful coral blocks – away from the usual divers’ noise and bubbles. During the summertime, these blocks are hidden by clouds of Glass Fish, creating a protection screen and adding to the curiosity of what you can discover behind it as you wave your hands to set the crowd apart. 

Uncover a relaxed Moray Eel during its beauty procedure performed by various shrimps. Observe a bit closer to see the one-of-a-kind Scorpion Fish, barely moving and camouflaged by the corals. The Red Bubble Anemone hosts one of the most emblematic fish of the underwater world, the Clown Fish. It stays still down at 24 meters depth, shining in a vibrant red that you cannot miss, making each encounter with them unique.  

The abundance of food suspended in the water attracts schooling Fusiliers and Rainbow Runners, dancing and sinuously swinging in the blue for nourishment. The schools will submerge you in an infinite rain of fish, with spectacular coordination and the mystery of where they come from and where they are heading.

The great light and the infinite visibility during the winter add to the magnificence as all the creatures appear to live in a tropical aquarium-like environment. In this safe and perfect habitat where visitors can form an unbreakable connection with the ocean. 

Baros’s coral restoration programs are an important commitment to ensuring the wellbeing of the house reef. Coral nurseries are established in the shallow depths of the lagoon, where the nutrients coming from the reef and the sunlight’s energy aid in the colonies’ successful growth. There is always a way to give a second chance to damaged corals, and the most impressive feature is that every one of us can contribute to the care of the reef.   

The newly launched programmes under the theme of “Deep inside the Baros House Reef” are targeted to divers and snorkellers of all levels, carefully considering their requirements, safety and knowledge needs. Guests are invited to dive into the shallow reef and enter the water from a different angle to take a deeper, more silent path to advance themselves. While the programmes emphasise the Baros House Reef’s wonders and highlight its qualities, guests can also discover the reef at night, where the fluorescent lights and bioluminescence brighten up the evening. Guests will not need a boat, as it is only a few steps from the shore. Put your dive mask on, and set off to explore the wonders underwater, and when you return, share the brilliant adventures with us.

Connect with the dive team to discover the House Reef Package that suits you best by getting in touch with reservations@baros.com or dialling +960 664 26 72.