NewsDecember 6, 2022

Bengaluru’s Iconic Fine Dining Destination ‘Karavalli’ Pop-up at Deep End Restaurant, Taj Exotica Resort & Spa

Deep End Restaurant at Taj Exotica Resort & Spa – one of the most stunning spots for overwater fine dining in Maldives – is set to host a Karavalli pop-up from 9th December to 15th December 2022. The 32-year-old Karavalli restaurant in Bengaluru is recognised as a global icon in comprehensive South Indian fine dining destination.

Karavalli’s Chef Ganesha Sheregar will travel to Taj Exotica, bringing with him the aromas, flavours and heritage of home-food recipes across the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra. From iconic dishes to lesser-known secrets of the South West coast, including traditional Kundapur, Mangalorean Bunt and Havyaka Brahmin dishes, the pop-up promises an authentic journey into India’s fascinatingly diverse South West coast. Armed with fresh, regional ingredients, complex spice mixes and memories of growing up in his grandmother’s traditional kitchen, Chef Sheregar is set to take diners on an exceptional culinary and cultural adventure.


During the pop-up week, gourmands will be treated to four thoughtfully-crafted sampler menus, focussing on meat and poultry, seafood and two vegetarian meals respectively.

The first course across the four sampler menus will include starters and ‘tiffin snacks’ that have travelled across generations in traditional coastal homes. Feast on Attirachy Ularthu (succulent Travancore-style lamb cubes cooked down with onion, tomato and a medley of spices), Koli Barthad (Coorg Fried Chicken), Chattambade (deep-fried Bengal Gram patties) and Goan Calamari Fry, as well as the king of Konkani cuisine – Patrade (roasted, ground lentils applied on colocasia leaves, rolled, steamed and pan fried).

The main course will be a hearty explosion of deep, diverse flavours. Chevod Balchao (lobster prepared in Goan pickle masala with local chillies and vinegar), Allpuzha Meen Curry (cubes of seer fish simmered in a fresh coconut, ginger and raw mango gravy), Kori Gassi (chicken cooked with fresh coconut, bydagi chillies, coriander and tamarind) and Mutton Eshtew (tender mutton cubes simmered in coconut milk and spices) are a few of the highlights of this section. The vegetarian menus will showcase heritage family dishes from like Maavinakai Mensukkai (chunks of brine–preserved mango cooked in a blend of chillies and coconut, from the Havyaka community), Alambo Arepu (fresh mushroom curry from the Mangalore coast) served with appam, idiappam (string hoppers), unpolished red rice, and Malabar Parotta. The dessert platter will present Kashi Halwa (ash gourd pudding from Udupi), Ada Pradhaman (cream rice pudding with jaggery and coconut from Kerala) and Ragi Manni (finger millet, jaggery and coconut cake).

All the menus will be accompanied by Karavalli’s signature cocktails and mocktails, which infuse the unique flavours of indigenous coastal ingredients into classic drinks. Diners can expect to be dazzled by Karavalli Rasam Martini (shaken not stirred!), Karavalli Sour with kodampuli juice, Karavalli Sip of Karivepilla (fragrant with curry leaves) and Karavalli Tender (a heady blend of vodka and tender coconut water). Teetotallers will be treated to Karavalli Ice Tea with kokum juice, Karavalli Fancy Ale and Karavalli Buttermilk Shake.

Deep End at Taj Exotica Resort & Spa

One of the most glamorous fine dining spots in the Maldives, Deep End at Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Maldives is perched atop waters with partial al-fresco seating, candlelit tables, sound of the waves and the gentle breeze setting the scene for a perfectly romantic evening. From its signature ‘miniatures’ (tapas-style starters) to sophisticated mains and desserts – prepared with the freshest produce – spanning European and Mediterranean influences and a extensive liquid menu, Deep End delivers a memorable, all-sensory dining experience.