NewsAugust 12, 2019

Billabong High International School Students Travel to UK with Tripverin

Students of Billabong High International School has started their exciting journey to the UK to begin their Educational Tour 2019.

In this 10 day tour, they will visit some famous parts that makes up the UK, namely, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland & North Ireland.


A total of 18 students who study arts and culture took part in this trip alongside with 3 teachers.

Yameen Idrees, Managing Director of Tripverin explained how during the 10-day trip, they will also visit famous cities such as London, Liverpool, Birmingham and even New Castle.

Tripverin is an outbound travel agency branched from the Juzrah Maldif Travel Group. They help Maldivian locals to plan their abroad trips and take them to tour in countries of Europe and Asia.