NewsJune 7, 2021

Bio-Luxury at the Core of Reethi Faru Resort

Every June, we celebrate World Environment Day as a promise we make to save our environment and the ecosystem we depend on living.

Reethi Faru, a barefoot escape island, stays true to its conservation promise by protecting and reviving the environment through sustainability measures such as the in-house activities on World Environment Day 2021.


Keeping in line with the theme of the year #GenerationRestoration, the residential Marine Biologist led two restoration programs during the day, starting with tree planting and coral planting during the evening.

Open for guests and team members; these activities highlighted the importance of such actions and what their impact is going to be in the long term. From creating a fuller, lush and greener island to taking a step further to coral growth and conservation without compromising on their natural habitat, the actions from World Environment Day are just one more step the resort took to tackle the climate crisis we face.

Reethi Faru Resort, a bio-luxury island on the pristine and secluded island of Filaidhoo, Raa Atoll, is renowned for its sustainable efforts taken during their core foundation and every day since. One of the first few resorts to have a biogas digester, the resort has reduced its emission footprint by converting all food waste into biogas used within the staff kitchen.

The resort also actively encourages energy conservation which is one of the cornerstones of their efforts. With over 4,000 photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of our staff accommodation, our solar plant helped save 246,000 ltr. of diesel in 2019, resulting in carbon emission savings of 660t of CO2.

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