NewsMarch 25, 2021

Bollywood Celebrity Esha Gupta Enjoys an Adventurous Holiday at Reethi Faru Resort

Bitten by the adventurous bug, Bollywood actress Esha Gupta, is a self-confessed adventure freak! So, it wasn’t really a shocker when she decided to spend her vacation at the Reethi Faru Resort, one of the pioneers in Water Sports and Diving.

Her bucket list – “all things that get my adrenaline pumping”. And how do you really not give in to such a request – she was seen mastering the boy’s toys with ease and elan. Ask her, her favourite and she doesn’t waste a breath to spill it out “the surfboard, I have been meaning to try my hands on it, and it was such a pleasant surprise to see it in Maldives. Reethi Faru is a heaven for those seeking adventure.” And that absolutely didn’t end just overwater as, “even though I have been deep diving before, the underwater views of Maldives are unparallel to anywhere else.” It seemed like she belonged there and was seen posing like Dory across the blue lagoon.


Actively involved in the space of sustainability, she did all her research before her visit and was seen engaging in elaborate conversations in the space of marine and energy conservation. “I knew that Reethi Faru is a bio-luxury resort, but it was only after I met the team, I realized just how much are they contributing to the cause, from using solar energy to restoring corals in their reef to saying no to single-use plastic. It was an eye-opener, seeing deeply this barefoot paradise cares about the environment” said Esha.

With a promise to come back right after her shoot, she confessed that she’s going to miss her fave spot – Veggie and Vegan – and insisted to have her last dinner there in quiet and peace just by the beach. “While V&V was my absolute favourite, I also enjoyed Dhiyavaru a lot – the overwater feel is quintessential Maldives and a must-try.” With a heavy heart and air-kisses, she said goodbye to the endless beauty and hospitability of this paradise island. “This became like my second home, and when I go back now, thanks to TMA I will be soaking in the aerial views one last time until I’m back again. Hasta la vista.”

Reethi Faru is a stunning, one of a kind, tropical island paradise, where the glistening, crystal clear ocean meets endless white coral sand and tropical foliage making this a truly magical, lagoon escape. The resort is family run and has an enviable pedigree thanks to its drive for conserving the natural beauty of the islands and sustaining the ecosystems upon which the fragile coral reef relies.

This breath-taking, tropical island paradise is proud to have guardianship of all that nature has created on a tiny island in Raa Atoll, measuring just six hundred by three hundred and fifty metres. Guests can unwind in one of one hundred and fifty traditional, luxurious Maldivian villas, either complete with Jacuzzi, nestled in our tropical gardens, beachside, or on stilts over the turquoise water.