NewsAugust 6, 2023

Book Now for Manta Season at Hurawalhi Maldives

Manta season at Hurawalhi spans from November to April. This annual event is a notable occurrence at the resort. During this period, an aggregation of manta rays can be observed at the resort’s sandbank, a prominent feeding area within the atoll. Sightings of these majestic creatures occur almost daily. The experience of swimming alongside mantas is often highlighted as an extraordinary encounter by visiting guests.

Visitors have the option to participate in manta search expeditions led by the resort’s resident marine biologists throughout the duration of manta season. These excursions not only allow participants to observe the iconic mantas and gain insights into their behavior, but also contribute to research efforts. The data collected during these expeditions is valuable to Manta Trust, an organization dedicated to the protection of these significant fish species.


While Hurawalhi is ideally situated to witness manta season firsthand, guests can also partake in excursions to other locations within Lhaviyani Atoll to observe manta rays. Fushifaru, recognized as a cleaning station, is particularly popular among scuba divers. In the initial phase of the season, mantas are often observed at this site before they transition to their feeding grounds. Here, the mantas engage in a captivating behavior, hovering above coral blocks as cleaner wrasse remove parasites from their gills and bodies. Snorkelers are also offered opportunities to explore other feeding areas within the atoll, in addition to the resort’s sandbank.

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