NewsOctober 23, 2018

Boutique Hotels – Maldives

According to U.S News Travel, a boutique hotel is set to be unique from its destination-inspired decor and the personalized experiences guests receive through exceptional customer service.

What Is a Boutique Hotel?


Today’s brand of boutique hotel is largely characterized by its smaller size, personalized service and local personality, which can vary dramatically depending on where the property is located allowing hotel teams to deliver customized guest services and experiences. These properties are designed to blend into the community and reflect the neighborhoods and cultures around them

“Boutique hotels always cater to the individual, providing very personalized, intimate service,” says Jason Moskal, global vice president of the Hotel Indigo and EVEN Hotels brands for InterContinental Hotels Group,

Kenan Simmons, vice president of the Americas region and development for Small Luxury Hotels of the World said that Boutique hotels are ideal for those who want to close the curtains of the hotel room and know exactly where they are in the world.

What to Expect at a Boutique Hotel?

Travelers can expect locally inspired food and beverage offerings along with distinctive architecture and experiences that reflect each property’s unique destination. Typically, boutique hotels offer a hotel team with deep knowledge of the local neighborhood and high-end design to reflect that community where the boutique resides and the quality, customer service and unique experiences at these hotels are what keep travelers coming back again and again

Amazing Boutique Properties to Consider in the Maldives

1) Liyela Retreat

2) Rashu Hiyaa Hotel

3) Kaani Village & Spa

4) Crystal Sands

5) Arena Beach Hotel

Boutique hotels offer everything from innovative amenities to custom art to locally influenced designs, making them an appealing accommodation choice for many travelers. With more and more intimate properties opening around the world, boutique hotels are here to stay.