NewsMarch 22, 2023

Celebrate Milestone Moments at Diamonds Thudufushi with a Personalised Song

Diamonds Thudufushi has launched a one of a kind experience, of a personalised song written by singer-songwriter, Vaughn Prangley.

Travelers looking for that bucket list getaway, with a unique twist, are in for a treat on booking their dream escape at Diamonds Thudufushi Beach and Water Villas.  


Vaughn describes himself as a young mind and an old soul, where every song is written with sincerity and has the ability to connect with his listeners. He believes a song shares a message better than any sentence ever could, therefore creating relatable and meaningful music is important to him. His goal is to have a positive impact on everyone who crosses paths with his music.

Guests can commemorate a special moment with a personalised song written and recorded by Vaughn in the Thudufushi Recording Studio. He dives into people’s worlds and takes their experiences and transforms them into personalised melodies. Reminding listeners of good memories and used as paintings of nostalgia whenever they are played.

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