NewsDecember 18, 2023

Celestial Delights Await at JA Manafaru with Expert Astronomer, Vikrant Londhe

In anticipation of JA Manafaru’s 16-day Festive Extravaganza, guests are in for an early celestial treat with the introduction of distinguished astronomer Mr Vikrant Londhe.

From 18th December to 31st December, JA Manafaru will host Vikrant, who will take guests on an immersive cosmic journey into the mysteries of the night sky.


Holding a Master of Science degree in Astronomy and a Bachelor of Science degree, Vikrant has become a notable figure in the Maldives’ astronomy scene through his organisation, Space Cat Astro-Tourism.

Vikrant is a passionate advocate for public outreach in astronomy, believing that the wonders of the cosmos should be accessible to everyone, transforming each stargazing session into an enlightening and captivating experience.

Guests are cordially invited to join Vikrant under the starlit Maldivian skies at JA Manafaru. Throughout the island’s Festive extravaganza, Vikrant will share his passion for the stars, seamlessly blending education, exploration, and the sheer joy of discovering the universe.

“Stargazing is more than a pastime; it’s an opportunity to embark on a cosmic journey of understanding and wonder,” says Vikrant Londhe. “I am thrilled to share this celestial experience with the guests at JA Manafaru.”

Attendees can expect an extraordinary fusion of education and entertainment as Vikrant unfolds the mysteries of the night sky against the stunning backdrop of JA Manafaru’s scenic beauty.