NewsJuly 7, 2022

Chef Maha Naseer, Creative Culinary Director at Oaga Resorts Awarded the Title of Master Chef

Oaga Art Resort has announced that Chef Maha Naseer, Creative Culinary Director is the first Maldivian to be awarded the title of Master Chef from the Master Chef Society of the World.

The World Master Chefs Society is a leading global honours society for exceptionally skilled professional chefs with over 200 members across 50 countries. Founded over 50 years ago, the World Master Chefs Society, is the only Society certified to award the title of World Master Chef and regularly awards reputable Chefs with their prestigious recognition. Membership of this society is offered on a strict base of high qualifications, career achievements and managerial recommendations.


Maha is currently one of the few handfuls of female Executive Chefs from the Maldives. She first started her kitchen adventures at age 8 and had a firm decision on becoming a renowned chef since. A professional chef and mother of 4 started her career 8 years ago to cater for international clients.

Maha is a graduate in Culinary Arts and Cuisine from Singapore’s Creative Culinare. She currently holds the position of the Secretary General of Chefs Guild of Maldives and is a World chefs approved rookie Judge in pastry. The enthusiastic entrepreneur has won multiple national and international awards and recognitions over the years.

Maha’s goal is updating, curating, and elevating local cuisines with quality products that reflect what she sees from her travels around the world. Her aim is to offer unique conceptualization developments and exclusively designed programs in the industry

At Oaga Art Resort, her role will be to elevate the culinary journey with artistically experimental creations, fun innovations and a fusion of local culture.

Oaga Art Resort is situated in North Malé atoll, 40 minutes by speedboat from Malé International Airport; Oaga Art Resort is a singular island, which is scheduled to open its doors for guests in Q4 of 2022. Oaga Art Resort is currently in pursuit for creative local talents to join their team.