NewsAugust 9, 2023

Citizen Astronaut Sara Sabry Hosts Culinary Universe Dinner at COMO Cocoa Island

Luxury lifestyle haven COMO Cocoa Island was transformed into an enchanting celestial setting as citizen astronaut Sara Sabry, the pioneering Arab woman in space, graced the resort to host an extraordinary dinner under the stars. This remarkable event marked the conclusion of a series of Space Camps held at various COMO Hotels and Resorts’ island retreats in Thailand, Bali, and the Maldives, tailored for young explorers with a thirst for the cosmos.

August 4th, 2023, also held a special significance as it commemorated the first anniversary of Sara’s historic journey into space. This momentous occasion was celebrated at COMO Maalifushi during the space camp for young explorers. The evening’s intimate dinner gathering featured poignant video footage chronicling her journey – from receiving the call, embarking on the rocket’s ascent, to returning to Earth in the capsule. These captivating visuals were shared amidst the company of the children and their parents, creating an atmosphere of inspiration and awe.


The Culinary Universe dinner took place on the evening of August 7th, 2023. This exclusive one-night affair saw the celestial luminary herself, Sara Sabry, sharing her captivating experiences and tales from the vast reaches of outer space with the resort’s esteemed guests. The night unfolded with a meticulously curated five-course menu inspired by the fundamental five elements of matter. This cosmic-inspired gastronomic journey was masterminded by the ingenious Executive Chef Kadek and his exceptional culinary team, harmoniously paired with uniquely crafted cocktails and mocktails.

Beyond its celestial aura, this gathering held a noble cause. The proceeds from the evening’s sumptuous repast were dedicated to the MantaTrust Ocean Women’s initiative—an endeavor committed to training Maldivian women as adept swimming and snorkeling instructors. These empowered women, in turn, would offer routine aquatic classes, nurturing confidence and prowess among more fellow women of the sea.

Sara Sabry’s illustrious achievements span beyond her cosmic exploits. As a distinguished astronaut, engineer, and advocate, she’s been an unwavering champion for diversity and inclusivity within the space domain. Notably, she etched her name in history as the first Egyptian astronaut, the pioneering Arab woman in space, and the first female representative from the African continent to voyage beyond Earth’s confines. Beyond her cosmic endeavors, she founded the Deep Space Initiative—a nonprofit dedicated to democratizing opportunities within the space sector while fostering deep space exploration for all.

Amidst the captivating setting, Sara Sabry shared her remarkable journey: “I was born in Saudi Arabia and grew up in Egypt. The idea of going to space was something I never thought possible. I’ve always had a curiosity about what lies beyond our planet. It’s as if I’ve always known there’s more for me to achieve. The conventional career paths that were expected of me, those typically assigned to women, didn’t fulfill me. This led me to study engineering and later specialize in medical engineering, driven by my keen interest in the medical field.

Back then, there were no opportunities available for me to pursue space travel or training. So, I took it upon myself to train independently. Then, I received that life-changing call confirming my selection as the second civilian astronaut. This achievement isn’t just significant for me, but also for women and minorities across the globe. Since then, I’ve embarked on a journey that has taken me to various corners of the world, inspiring people along the way. My advice to all is simple: never give up, and keep striving towards your goals”

Accompanying Sara Sabry at the dinner was her manager, Christina Korp. A luminary in her own right, Christina Korp serves as an astronaut manager, space advisor, and the esteemed president of Purpose Entertainment. Her illustrious career includes a decade-long tenure managing Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin and launching his educational foundations. An advocate for space’s everyday benefits to humanity and the planet, she’s orchestrated visionary projects including the celebrated Women’s Vote Centennial in the USA. She currently collaborates with notable space figures such as Apollo 16 moon walker Charlie Duke and NASA astronaut and aquanaut Nicole Stott, leading initiatives under the banner of “SPACE For a Better World.”

Building upon COMO’s commitment to inspire both its guests and local communities, the dinner event served as a platform for a COMO Conversation. These events are purposefully designed to cultivate curiosity by showcasing compelling stories from artists, authors, and innovators within COMO’s diverse destinations. During this gathering, Sara shared her perspectives, igniting thought-provoking discussions about the connections between outer space, our planet, and environmental care in our current world.

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