NewsMay 16, 2024

COMO Cocoa Island Hosts Kiteboarding Workshop with Youri Zoon

COMO Cocoa Island organised a community engagement event in collaboration with renowned kiteboarder Youri Zoon as part of its COMO Journeys programme. The event aimed to inspire and engage high school students from the nearby island of Guraidhoo, offering a day of learning and adventure.

The morning began with a kitesurfing workshop on a sandbank. Under the expert guidance of Youri Zoon, the students were introduced to the basics of kitesurfing. Youri’s enthusiasm and skill in the sport made the workshop a memorable experience for the participants.


Youri Zoon’s career as a world-champion kiteboarder reflects his perseverance and resilience. He started by crafting his own kitesurf board and won his first championship with it. Despite facing significant injuries that kept him out of the sport for two and a half years, his determination to return never faltered. Youri now emphasises the importance of enjoying the learning process and looks forward to seeing the students he taught progress in the sport.

After the workshop, the students enjoyed lunch at Ufaa Restaurant, where they engaged in conversations with Youri. A video presentation showcased Youri’s journey and accomplishments in kiteboarding. An interactive Q&A session allowed the students to connect with Youri on a personal level, drawing inspiration from his experiences.

Following this, Ahmed Mujthaba, Principal of K. Guraidhoo School, addressed the students. He stressed the importance of gratitude and overcoming obstacles to achieve success, using Youri’s story as an example of perseverance and sportsmanship.

The day concluded with a ceremony where certificates were awarded to the participants, recognising their enthusiasm and effort during the workshop. This event celebrated not only their participation but also their potential and the promising futures ahead.

Abdulla Wisam, Director of Rooms at COMO Cocoa Island, spoke about the collaborative nature of the event and expressed hope for more community engagements through the COMO Journeys programme. He thanked the students and the principal for their involvement in the event with Youri.

The event aimed to spark the students’ interest in sports, providing them with a memorable experience and fostering a fun and engaging environment. As the students departed COMO Cocoa Island, they carried with them unforgettable memories and newfound motivation to pursue their passions.