NewsNovember 1, 2020

Contactless Technology is Key to the Future of the Hospitality Industry

By Guest Writer Anshu Shrivastava

Before the onset of COVID-19, less than 60% of hotel guests were happy to book their accommodation via a mobile app’, that number has now increased to 80%. Travelers also welcome amenities such as keyless entry, Smart TV, and the ability to check-in and pay using these applications. A recent survey by Criton has revealed that most guests now welcome and expect these features to be available.


Essential technology

However nowadays it will be a different experience as hoteliers have to evolve to meet regulations and guest expectations, that is why hotels should reinforce technology solutions not only to inspire confidence to guests during their stay, but also to ensure staff safety.

Hoteliers must also evolve, not only meet their guest’s expectations but to comply with national and local regulations. Technological solutions inspire confidence with both customers and staff, and with new guidelines from the World Health Organisation being issued, contactless technology becomes essential not optional.

Contactless Front Desk 

Technology solutions such as web registration and mobile check in make every step in the process quick allowing faster service for the guest with very minimal to no waiting time. to run out of time at front desk. Besides this type of solutions also provide answer to concerns related to safety and hygiene at the hotel both for staff and for guests.

And even more, there is also the possibility of receiving payment via a bank link, which hotel sends to the guest after making a reservation as payment link. That is, the visitor no longer needs to go to the reception and contact the staff to pay and get the key.

Web registration and smartphone check-in help speed up the whole process for both guests and staff, it also solves many of the issues regarding safety and hygiene. Payment and the issuing of keys no longer requires an interaction to take place at reception. Suite8 and Opera can integrate with partner companies to generate keys that allow the guest access to your property, their room, and ensures that payment has been made, all via your guest’s mobile phone.

HRS works with partners to provide contactless front office solution that support:
Web Registration
Facial Recognition
Health Declarations
Check-in and the issue of mobile room keys
Guest requests via a mobile app
Check-out and payment/settlement
Update of guest status in the Property Management System
Payment merchant integration
These solutions are cost effective and enable hotels to achieve a rapid ROI.
Contactless payment

A guest will feel far more secure using their own mobile device to view a restaurant menu, rather than touch a shared use menu, or a tablet. This solution has additional benefits to the hotelier, it requires no investment in equipment, it maintains social distancing, and speeds up the service to the customer.

HRS has worked with its partners to integrate QR menus with hotel, restaurant, or Point of Sales systems. Your guest scans the QR code, makes their selection, places an order, and pays, all via the application on their smartphone. The staff receives the customer order via the restaurant management system, it is then fulfilled and taken to the customer.

HRS is an OPI certified partner of Oracle and offers PCI-DSS compliant payment solutions that are integrated with multiple banks. We work with Oracle Property Management and Point of Sale systems to give your business an edge in today’s competitive marketplace.

Contactless payments provide our customers with multiple benefits:

  • Health & safety concerns are addressed
  • Reduced number of card frauds and security concerns
  • Peace of mind for your guests
  • Cost savings and an improved return on ROI
  • Significant reductions to the check-in and check-out queue
  • Increased use of contactless solutions through integration
  • Errors through data inaccuracy vastly reduced.

Handing your card over to someone has always been a source of security concerns, the addition of personal hygiene and safety issues has made this even more of an problem. A payment gateway connected to your PMS and POS solution allows your guest to use their own device to make that transaction safely and securely.

About the writer: Anshu Shrivastava, Area Director Sales, Southeast Asia, HRS. Hospitality & Retail Systems (HRS) is the global market leader in IT services delivery for the hospitality and retail sectors.

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