NewsJanuary 8, 2024

Costa Serena Arrives in the Maldives with Over 3000 Tourists

Costa Serena, an illustrious Italian cruise ship, has docked in the Maldives with over 3,000 tourists on board. The vessel, valued at USD 450 million, began its journey from the ports of Goa and Cochin in India and is currently anchored near Male City.

The Costa Serena has brought a diverse group of passengers to the Maldives, predominantly European and Asian tourists, including many from India. This influx of tourists is expected to provide a substantial boost to the local tourism industry.


The Costa Serena boasts impressive specifications, measuring 950 feet in length and accommodating a crew of 1,100 people. With a passenger capacity of 3,700, it stands as one of the larger vessels to visit the Maldives, reflecting the growing appeal of the island nation as a prime destination for cruise liners.

The arrival of Costa Serena is a result of concerted efforts by the Maldives government and the Maldives Association of Yacht Agents (MAYA). The government took proactive measures by removing certain taxable provisions, as requested by MAYA members. This move has facilitated the arrival of Costa Serena and is likely to encourage more such visits in the future.