NewsApril 28, 2024

Culinary Bliss: A Gastronomic Journey Through the Flavours of Villa Resorts

In the enchanting embrace of the Maldives, Villa Resorts invites you on a gastronomic journey that transcends the ordinary. Prepare to indulge your senses and embark on a culinary adventure that mirrors the breathtaking beauty of the turquoise waters surrounding these idyllic islands.

Whether craving the beachfront’s relaxed vibe or the lively atmosphere of family-friendly restaurants, the culinary landscape is as diverse as the marine life in the pristine lagoons. Spread across four tropical paradises, you’ll find a collection of unique dining experiences that take your tastebuds on a journey. 




This all-day dining spot offers crisp blue-and-white interiors and menus that celebrate the bounty of the location. At its core is a focus on sustainability, with ingredients sustainably sourced from organic gardens and oceans.

The Lagoon

An exclusive over-water restaurant welcomes Water Villa guests with uninterrupted ocean views from breakfast right through dinner. This sophisticated and relaxed overwater setting serves dishes from around the world.

Fukuya Teppanyaki

Fukuya Teppanyaki promises authentic Japanese cooking with a side of theatre. The restaurant offers a sophisticated dining experience with delicious sushi and tempura dishes, as well as locally sourced fish and meats prepared on the teppanyaki grill.


Located at the end of the overwater jetty, the inspiring Farumathi Restaurant serves fresh seafood with serene ocean views and is one of the best spots on the island to admire the sunset.


Zero – Treetop à la Carte Dining

Concealed within the lush tropical foliage of the dense jungle at the heart of Villa Park is an extraordinary split-level restaurant. It offers a truly unique treetop dining experience. From this vantage point, guests can relish the immersive dining experience that unfolds.


Guests can immerse themselves in an authentic and interactive Japanese dining experience set against the backdrop of an idyllic beach. They can witness skilled chefs expertly preparing fish and meats right before their eyes while the meticulous artistry of sushi and tempura unfolds in a symphony of flavours.

Mekunu Bar

By day, the pool bar is the ultimate fun spot to see and be seen – a place to make new friends and soak in the lively atmosphere. And as the sun sets, the ambience transforms, welcoming vibrant live music and the island’s evening entertainment right here.



From morning until night, this beachside restaurant beckons as a gathering place to indulge in a feast that encapsulates the authentic spirit of the Maldives. Whether it’s the gentle embrace of the morning sun, the vibrant hues of noon, or the tranquil ambience of the night, Maakanaa offers an inviting setting for shared moments and delectable dining.


At Raabondhi, each dish pays tribute to the captivating underwater world that surrounds us. Picture flamed-grilled meats and freshly caught seafood taking centre stage and served at ocean-facing tables, which enhance the dining experience.



Inspired by simplicity and rustic allure, Husk is where culinary magic unfolds over fires fueled by coconut husks. Watch as raw ingredients, including freshly caught fish, expertly marinated meats, and home-grown vegetables, are seared over the flames, and top it all off with a sweet treat pulled straight from the heart of the fire.

Poolside Pizza Oven

Nestled by the pool, the Poolside Pizza Oven serves up everybody’s favourite. Discover a diverse selection of toppings, and refuel with a freshly baked pizza straight from the oven.

Beach Shack

This sanctuary for the adventurous is at the heart of island life. Here, you’ll find the bustling teens’ club and the Mediterranean Restaurant – a place to savour extraordinary, authentic flavours against the backdrop of the sea.