NewsJune 3, 2024

Cycling Towards Sustainability at NH Collection Maldives Havodda Resort

At NH Collection Maldives Havodda Resort, sustainability and creating exceptional guest experiences while preserving the natural beauty around the resort are paramount. This World Bicycle Day, the resort is excited to share how the team’s use of bicycles helps achieve both of these goals.

Pedalling Towards Efficiency and Sustainability

The resort is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint, and bicycles play a significant role in this effort. By using bicycles, the team cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions. The lush property is ideal for cycling, allowing team members to navigate the resort without disturbing the tranquil environment that guests love.


Enhancing Guest Experience

Fast, efficient service is key to success at NH Collection Maldives Havodda Resort. Bicycles enable the team to respond quickly to guest requests, whether delivering amenities or handling maintenance. With bicycles, staff can cover distances swiftly, ensuring that no guest is left waiting for long.

A Healthier, Happier Team

Cycling isn’t just beneficial for the environment – it’s also great for the team’s health. Regular physical activity boosts overall well-being, leading to higher productivity and job satisfaction. The staff enjoys the exercise and the opportunity to spend time outdoors, fostering a positive and energetic work environment.

Join in to Celebrate World Bicycle Day

This World Bicycle Day, the resort invites everyone to celebrate the bicycle – a simple yet powerful tool for sustainability, efficiency, and health. Whether staying at the resort or following its journey from afar, embracing cycling can bring numerous benefits.

Experience the Difference at NH Collection Maldives Havodda Resort

At NH Collection Maldives Havodda Resort, innovation and improvement are constant goals. The bicycle initiative is just one example of how the resort enhances guests’ experiences while staying true to environmental commitments. Leading in sustainable luxury, the resort looks forward to continuing its journey towards a greener, more efficient future.

Join in celebrating World Bicycle Day and discover the unique blend of luxury, sustainability, and exceptional service that defines NH Collection Maldives Havodda Resort. Book a stay and see how the resort is pedalling towards a brighter future, one bicycle ride at a time.