NewsSeptember 9, 2019

Czech-Austrian jazz quartet ‘Purple Is The Color’ to perform at Jazz Cafe, Kurumba & Kuramathi Maldives

The Czech – Austrian jazz quartet ‘Purple is the Color’ is to perform at Jazz Cafe on 14th & 15th September, Kurumba Maldives on 16th September and at Kuramathi Island Resort on 17th & 18th September.

The band’s music is inspired by the rich jazz quartet tradition and through incorporating elements of pop and folk music, weaving it all together they bring out a modern soundscape. Their album ‘Unmasked’ consists of an elegant and captivating kind of jazz.


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Pianist and composer Simon Raab met his musical partners Štěpán Flagar (Sax), Martin Kocian (Bass), and Michał Wierzgoń (Drums) in 2015 at a jam session in Linz, Austria, the city where he was finishing his studies, and where the other three had recently begun theirs. Impromptu sessions there marked the beginning of what now is the quartet Purple Is The Color.

Raab made a name for himself in the Austrian scene, playing in a variety of groups and genres, mainly with singer Lucia Leena in the pop group Listen to Leena and the contemporary jazz quintet Luzid Chaos. Flagar’s own quartet was shortlisted for the 2015 European Jazz Competition, which saw drummer Wierzgoń win the prize for the best soloist that year.