NewsApril 5, 2020

Digital Marketing Tactics Hoteliers Can Use During COVID-19

By Bee Digital 

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The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has put traveling at pause. Everyone is social distancing at home but definitely not disconnected completely, thanks to technology.

People keep searching online for ways to escape the uncertainty, even if it for a moment. In light of this, many hotels can continue creating valuable and entertaining content across channels to stay connected with guests.

Tourism marketers have paused their campaigns and entered a wait and see mode, unsure of how long this storm will last.

However, the hoteliers could keep on working towards brand awareness and grab the holidaymaker’s attention with tasteful valuable content.

Here are some of the digital marketing tactics the hoteliers can use:

Search Engine Optimization:

The pandemic has left with fewer travel brands investing in marketing, which brings forward the opportunity for more visibility within organic search. This presents the opportunity to create FAQ pages where hoteliers could address the top questions around the property, the measures taken hotel reopening dates if the hotel has been closed, and other top concerns.

If the hotel or property has ceased operations, the marketers can create enhanced content focused at the hotel’s reopening, as well as rich destination content, as many people are daydreaming about future trips once the pandemic subsides.

Social Media:

Stay connected to guests with destination content and activities guests can do at home. Time spent on social media has significantly increased throughout the world so although the property is closed for business, marketers could keep providing the travelers with engaging content to keep them excited amid the depressing times. For instance, can ask them to post their most memorable moment at your destination.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

Send an email to people who have cancelled reservations with an option to rebook a future stay, and stay connected. One way is by creating an email list for leisure travelers, business travelers, and group travelers who have cancelled reservations so when the COVID-19 situation subsides, can send an email prompting these guests to rebook with added value, perks, or a complimentary welcome amenity.