NewsSeptember 17, 2020

Discover the First Amazònico Restaurant in Maldives at Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa

Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa is the first resort to have an Amazònico Restaurant in the Maldives, a real jewel of a find.

With the highest quality of ingredients that creates the perfect fusion and harmony of all flavors and tastes, the restaurant dishes will make you fall in love with Central and South America traditions and recipes. This combined with the ambience of the restaurant, will make you feel dragged into another dimension as the scenery will remind you of a real sanctuary in the middle of the tropical forest.


Prepared in the open kitchen, the dishes offered at the Amazònico are a mix of spices and seasoning that need to be uncovered. Just to mention a few highlights of the menu, the Beef meat is The Amazònico’s speciality as there are various cuts, which, some are considered as premium. The most requested and best cuts are Picanha and some types of Wagyu beef such as Tomahawk, Striploin and Tajima. Picanha is a cut of beef that is popular in Brazil, and later also adopted in Portugal. Wagyu is also a very requested cut and is a Japanese cut grown in Australia. Tomahawk is basically a Wagyu Rib Eye steak with the bone left in. Striploin is also known as Sirloin and is very robust in flavor. Lastly, Tajima is always a variety of Wagyu beef but more delicate to the taste. Wagyu beef not only has higher levels of intra-muscular fat also known as marling, but the meat also results as finer, therefore, amore flavorsome eating experience.

The barbecue is the star of the show as it is distributed in two parts: the classic grill and the skewer section. While the grill is used to cook certain beef cuts like Tomahawk and seafood, the skewers are used to cook vegetables, Picanha and the Cockerel.

The menu of the Restaurant usually changes every 3 months to introduce new intriguing dishes such as two new types of ceviche. One based of snapper fish cooked with coconut milk, and the other one with the catch of the day. Additionally, vegetarian quesadillas and three soups will be added.

Furthermore, as for all the other Resort restaurants’, there is as well a kids dedicated menu with Amazònico authentic flavors. From guacamole and nachos that will be the main appetizer, to grilled chicken or beef, to hamburgers and fresh fish with steamed vegetables.

To create even a more enjoyable atmosphere, the tables have been extended as well on the outside in between the jungle and the restaurant, to give guests the possibility of dining under the stars.

Due to the current situation, the buffet will no longer be available but everything found on the buffet can be ordered à la carte. The staff is super qualified, offering the best service possible to all guests. The attention for details and the search of maximum perfection will definitely contribute in making the dining and stay a quality one.

Discover in preview some of the next month’s new dishes present in the of the Amazònico Restaurant’s Menu: