NewsSeptember 28, 2023

Dusit International Launches New Group-wide Sustainability Program, ‘Tree of Life’

Fully embracing ‘Sustainability’ as one of the four key pillars of Dusit Graciousness, Dusit International, one of Thailand’s leading hotel and property development companies, has rolled out a new group-wide sustainability initiative, Tree of Life, designed to ensure the company delivers on its promise to always have a positive impact wherever it sets foot.

Intended to cover the entire Dusit group, the program is initially being rolled out to all Dusit Hotels and Resorts worldwide, including 54 properties operating across 19 countries. Other business units, including Dusit Hospitality Education, Dusit Foods, Property Development, and Hospitality-Related Services, will join the program soon.


Designed by the company’s Sustainability Committee, the Tree of Life program has 31 criteria aligned with selected United Nations’ Global Sustainable Development Goals, as well as industry-specific targets, set over four levels of achievement. It includes Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) elements, ensuring that Dusit properties operate as sustainably as possible.

The program’s mandatory level one encompasses eight crucial criteria designed to promote sustainability and responsible practices across the entire Dusit group. These criteria include the protection of vulnerable species, the minimisation of food waste, the reduction of single-use plastic, the implementation of effective waste segregation methods to enhance recyclability, the promotion of energy conservation and efficiency, the prioritisation of staff and customer well- being through robust safety management practices, the prohibition of trafficking and sexual exploitation, and active collaboration with local community leaders to identify and support projects or activities that bring tangible benefits to Dusit’s broader communities.

Hotels and business units are awarded Tree of Life’ leaves’ based on their level of achievement. Dusit properties that exceed the compulsory criteria outlined in mandatory level one is eligible to move up the levels. Level two requires a level one pass and the achievement of 18 criteria; level three requires a level two pass and the achievement of 23 criteria; and level four, the program’s pinnacle, requires a level three pass and the achievement of 28 criteria. Guests, customers, and partners can easily ascertain what level a property has achieved based on the number of ‘leaves’ it has been awarded.

“Implementing the Tree of Life program at Dusit International is not only a strategic move but also a reflection of our deep-rooted values as a company,” said Ms Suphajee Suthumpun, Group CEO, Dusit International. “This initiative reinforces our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and strong governance practices. By aligning with global sustainable development goals and industry-specific targets, we aim to lead by example, inspire change within our industry, and leave a positive and lasting impact on the communities where we operate. The Tree of Life program serves as a catalyst for transformative action, ensuring that our properties operate in harmony with the environment, foster well-being for our guests and employees, and make a meaningful difference in the world.”

The Tree of Life program will be closely monitored and supported by Dusit International’s dedicated Sustainability Committee, which is led by Ms Suthumpun. This committee will play a vital role in overseeing the implementation and progress of the program, conducting regular audits to assess compliance, and identifying areas for improvement. Furthermore, the Sustainability Committee will proactively develop and roll out new policies and procedures to ensure the program remains dynamic, responsive, and aligned with emerging global standards and best practices.

Gilles Cretallaz, COO, Dusit International, said, “Through our Tree of Life program, our hotels and resorts will embark on a transformative journey that intertwines sustainability with the very fabric of our operations. With each leaf earned, our properties will reaffirm their commitment to shaping a world where harmony between nature and hospitality flourishes and every guest experience leaves a lasting positive legacy. Our leaf-based system serves as a symbol of reassurance, ensuring guests can easily determine the transformative impact their choices make, and rest assured knowing they are contributing to a more sustainable and prosperous world for generations to come.”

Dusit’s strategy for sustainable business is aligned with the four pillars of Dusit Graciousness – Service (personalised and gracious), Well-Being (delivering wellness experiences beyond the spa), Locality (uniquely linking guests with the local community), and Sustainability (social, economic, and environmental).

Tree of Life Unlocking the Magic of Composting

At Dusit Thani Resort, composting is our answer to food waste management. More than just waste reduction; it’s a transformation that significantly lessens our environmental footprint.

The power of compost: Dark, moist, and brimming with nutrients, compost is like nature’s gold. It’s a chemical-free, cost-effective fertilizer that revives tired soil, making it the perfect playground for plants to thrive.

Nurturing the earth: By enriching the soil with essential organic elements, composting not only improves food quality but also nurtures a healthier, more sustainable planet.

Green benefits: Composting reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions, recycles nutrients, and even helps combat the effects of drought.

Dusit Thani Maldives has implemented a range of initiatives to reduce its environmental impact and contribute to the well-being of the local ecosystem, including:

Energy Efficiency: The resort has invested in energy-efficient systems and technologies, such as solar panels and LED lighting, to significantly lower its energy consumption.

Water Conservation: Dusit Thani Maldives employs advanced water management strategies to minimize water consumption, including desalination processes and water-saving fixtures.

Community Engagement: Dusit Thani Maldives collaborates with local communities on education and sustainability projects, fostering a sense of responsibility towards nature and supporting the livelihoods of nearby residents.

Waste Management: The resort emphasises waste reduction, recycling, and responsible waste disposal practices to prevent pollution of the land and oceans. Compost machines – a worthy investment in sustainability!

In 2022, Dusit Hotels and Resorts became the first hotel chain in Thailand to source 100% organic jasmine rice at all of its properties throughout the kingdom. By directly purchasing from small-scale farms in northeastern Thailand, Dusit not only provides nutritional benefits to its guests, customers, and employees, but also generates sustainable income for the communities it supports. The company also began procuring cage-free eggs for six of its hotels, with plans to implement similar projects as it further enhances its supply chain management this year.