NewsDecember 22, 2020

Eco Champions Reethi Faru Resort Celebrates Third Anniversary with Promising Conservation Projects

The eco champion tropical island paradise, Reethi Faru Resort is celebrating a significant milestone, as they mark their 3rd anniversary on December 22, also marking the beginning of Christmas and New Year festivities across the island. Reethi Faru has also started two new projects to continue conservation and preservation of the natural environment – ‘Adopt a Coral’ and ‘Adopt a Tree’.

“It’s been quite an emotional journey for us and we are proud of all that we have achieved, especially in the segment of sustainability and marine conservation,” a statement by the resort read. “Engaging in sustainable practices is not a choice for us – it’s a commitment. Hence, being recognized for our work in this aspect and winning the Indian Ocean’s Leading Green Resort 2020 award is quite reassuring.”


Reethi Faru Resort was also nominated for the World’s Leading Green Resort 2020 and Maldives’ Leading Green Resort category. Additionally, the resort became the proud winners in two categories – Luxury Eco Resort (Regional) and Luxury Spa Resort (Continent) – at the recently concluded World Luxury Awards.

In keeping with their conservation promise, Reethi Faru has started two new projects to continue conservation and preservation of the natural environment – ‘Adopt a Coral’ and ‘Adopt a Tree’. The focus of both these projects is to preserve, conserve and restore the natural balance – both marine and terrestrial. Sustainability is at the heart of all that they execute at the Reethi Faru Resort and the creation of the artificial reefs is a strong step in that direction. Essential to the health of the ocean, these reefs can now have guest participation as well, under the project name – ‘The Reef Builder Dive’. As an attempt to revive and stabilize biological depleted zones – these reefs would act as a valuable reproduction reservoir that can recreate a whole ecosystem.

Reethi Faru’s this year anniversary comes at a time when we all had to make some bold choices and believe in them. Reethi Faru family ensures that they cater a world-class experience to their guests in sync with the safety protocol advised by the authorities. Blessed with a great turn-out and constant support from their patrons and partners from across the world, Reethi Faru continuously strives to meet and exceed the expectations of their guests, and this anniversary is dedicated to their Reethi Faru family, the resort revealed. “Our latest villa category – the Deluxe Beach Pool Villa and the newest F&B offering Veggie and Vegan – have garnered much love from our guests,” a statement by the resort read. “We wish for good times ahead for the industry.”