Editor's PickApril 29, 2021

Editor’s Pick: 4 Incredible Things to Experience at Dhiggiri Maldives

The tiny island of Dhiggiri Maldives is surrounded by pearly white beaches, sparkling warm water and the island’s own private reef. Completely renovated in 2016, the Dhiggiri resort was reborn with a new look, but still rests its foundation on the values that have made the resort unique for the past 20 years.

Dhiggiri Resort offers high-end accommodation and quality amenities. The rooms here consist of water bungalows that are built over the crystal-clear ocean, allowing travellers to have their own little private swimming space over the stunning reef. Those that want to do or see more, could enjoy some of these great activities on the island.


You will be able to admire the nature of the Maldives with an excursion to an uninhabited island, and the spectacle of the vault of heaven told by their own astronomer and researcher. You will learn the secrets of Maldivian-style fishing and also discover the traditions and customs of the Maldivian people.

1. Astronomy Night

The perfect opportunity to sit under the starry nights on the beachfront with your loved ones and take in sweeping ocean vistas amongst swaying palm trees.

Dhiggiri Maldives brings Astronomy Night, to show you the magic of the night. Having on board an Astronomer, Dhiggiri Maldives collaborates with professionals and experts in the scientific-technological sector to bring their travelers more about the Universe and its infinite facts.

2. Diving


The island is close by to numerous famous canals. Among them, the two most famous are without a doubt Miyaru Kandu and Fotteyo Kandu. Miyaru Kandu, only 25 minutes by boat from the resort, is famous for its wonderful overhang where you can see a large number of sharks and other pelagic fish. Fotteyo Kandu is known for its overhangs, for the multicolored soft coral, and for the possible encounter with hammerhead sharks. Rakeedhoo is populated with fish in the canal area, with sharks and sea eagles, while in the inner part of the canal all the walls of the overhangs are covered with soft coral and sea fans.

Every day snorkeling and diving trips are organized in the morning and in the afternoon, with the possibility of staying out for half a day or a full day. Night dives are also arranged by the resort.

3. Tour to Fishermen’s Island

Dhiggiri Island is close to a large game fishing area, with five fishing islands within easy reach. Fulidhoo Island is the closest of these (a 30-minute boat ride away), and it is the perfect place for a day trip. You can visit nearby fishermen’s village, come to contact with the customs of the Maldivian culture and admire its buildings and craftsmanship.

4. Tour to Uninhabited Island

In addition to Fishermen Islands, Dhiggiri Maldives is also close to uninhabited islands. The uninhabited islands are the perfect destination for couples and honeymooners to sit back and relax, soak the sun and sea with minimal interruptions from the tranquil environment.

Uninhabited islands are also great for weddings, as it is a small and intimate destination.

For more information, visit https://dhiggiri.nakairesorts.com/