Editor's PickMay 17, 2021

Editor’s Pick: 4 Reasons to Experience Wellness at COMO Cocoa Island

After months of unrest, feeling truly well again is definitely a top priority. That is why COMO Cocoa Island is a preferred vacation spot for many, where a third of the entire island is now dedicated to COMO Shambhala, the resort’s wellness centre.

COMO Shambhala Retreat is the embodiment of its philosophy for healthy living. It draws inspiration from its surroundings, with treatment pavilions that combine natural wood, traditional Maldivian coral walls and thatched roofs. The treatment rooms – two double and one single – have commanding views of the turquoise lagoon, while the couple’s pavilion overlooks tropical foliage.


From the comprehensive wellness programmes to one of the Maldives’ only hydrotherapy pools, here are 4 reasons why you need to experience wellness at COMO Cocoa Island.


With the resort’s reopening, they have launched new wellness programmes to book while you’re with them. Each is aimed at improving your wellbeing through functional, integrative techniques, including the body screening programme. This process is entirely personalised to you, where the body alignment instructor assesses your body’s state to develop a programme that suits your unique physiology.

It is not a quick fix – the exercises and routines we recommend are habits to be incorporated into your way of life, to help you function with less pain and more grace; now and for the future.


The therapeutic use of water can be traced back over 6,000 years. Our nervous system reacts to the pressure exerted by moving water, while warm water soothes the body, calming the nerves, heart and lungs, and releases tension in the muscles. This is based on evidence that heat receptors are close to the nerve cells that make you feel pain; the sensation of heat overrides the sensation of pain.

Water also alleviates joint pressure and discomfort, and the consequently increased range of movement makes hydrotherapy optimal for physical rehabilitation.  Outside of rehabilitation, hydrotherapy is also an excellent way of helping to improve general aerobic conditioning, flexibility and strength.


COMO Cocoa Island has crafted a daily schedule of activities, including yoga and Pilates alongside a range of other wellness pursuits. Complimentary group yoga sessions are conducted five days a week, while personal instruction is available at a time that suits you. Guided meditation sessions are also available for booking; discover the healing and relaxing power of an ancient therapeutic tradition, through one-on-one sessions.

Guest can also indulge in Pilates, a gentle form of exercise that improves posture, circulation and flexibility by toning muscles and strengthening the core. It also encourages mind-body balance with calming, regular exercises. Private Pilates sessions are available for beginners through to experts, using either mat or Reformer exercises.


The spa treatments at COMO Shambhala Retreat are designed to relax and renew, these treatments will leave you feeling refreshed from head to toe. Treatments for body care, facial care and beauty care can all be enjoyed, helping to promote a profound sense of relaxation.

COMO Shambhala also offers the best massage therapies. Its resident experts are trained in a variety of Asian techniques ranging from the relaxing to the invigorating.

For more information, visit https://www.comohotels.com/en/cocoaisland