Editor's PickMay 3, 2021

Editor’s Pick: 5 Cool Snorkeling, Dive Spots to Check Out at Adaaran Prestige Vadoo

Home to one of the first water villas ever to be developed in the island nation of Maldives, Adaaran Prestige Vadoo is a luxurious resort that stands out amongst the best. Featuring water villas that offer a range of contemporary comforts and intimate living spaces above the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, the resort can also be a treat if you’re looking to discover underwater wonders while on your next holiday in the Maldives.

1. House reef Vadoo


House reef of Vadoo has been, since from the beginning of tourism in Maldives, one of the best house reefs in the area. Directly located at the north side the big Vaadhoo Kandu between North and South Male’ Atoll, which is dropping to more than 500m, be ready to witness surprises including big marine creatures like Dolphins and Whales passing by. It is a good spot for beginners, courses, to try scuba diving and experienced divers as well.

2. Vadoo Caves

Vadoo caves is one of the top dive sites in the Maldives. It’s a very long reef at the south side of the big Vaadhoo Kandu from East to West. The top is 5 meters, it is a typical dive for not so experienced and advanced divers, as it is always a drift just in one direction if the current is strong or light. Everything can be seen here, barracudas big napoleons , any kind of turtles. another attraction are the beautiful very long overhangs and round up infront huge schools of blue yellow striped snappers under the overhangs.

3. Lionshead

Another spot which is one of the first spots in Maldives where you can see the grey sharks coming from the deep of the big Vaadhoo Kandoo. It is the north wall of the big channel. As well a very long reef from east to west and drifts along this reef is always a special feeling for all kind of divers, from the top 5m until the very deep channel. Sometimes you can find sharks, turtles and other different kinds of Maldivian marine life as well huge schools of Dolphins passing by here.

4. Vellassaru outside

This is another side at the west outside reef of the South Male Atoll. A long reef from North to south with nice overhangs, the top reef is very beautiful, nearly untouched with its many table corals on top. Dropping from 5 to more than 40 meters down. At 30 meters depth, sometimes you can get to witness the very shy Thresher sharks with their beautiful long tails. 3 of them have been spotted to be living there.

5. Embudoo Express

Another highlight, this channel at the east side of south Male Atoll is very special as it drops on the east side with the edge of the out side reef at 40m down to 70m, where you can see east incoming current with many Grey and white tip sharks as well huge schools of eagle rays, sometimes up to 50 and more. Mackerels, Barracudas, all kind of tunas, Napoleons and much more can be found here. As the channel goes inside the atoll, it is very shallow up to 20m so the current is very often strong here and this is a dive site only recommend for experienced advanced divers only. But a definite must if you dive in this region.