Editor's PickJune 14, 2021

Editor’s Pick: 5 Uber Cool Experiences You Can Have at Soneva Fushi

From glassblowing in Maldives’ first-ever glass studio to winding down with your favourite classic films under a shimmering blanket of stars, there are a plethora of incredible experiences you can have at award-winning resort Soneva Fushi.

Located in breathtaking Baa atoll, Soneva Fushi inspires the imagination with 63 beachfront villas and eight Water Retreats, ranging in size from one to nine bedrooms. And while its villas are mighty impressive on their own, the resort’s signature experiences are just the cherry on top of this luxury sundae.


Here are 5 cool things you can try out (perhaps for the first time in your life!) at Soneva Fushi.

Glassblowing Class 

Soneva’s first-of-its-kind glass studio in the Maldives offers guests the rare chance to get up close and personal with the delicate art of glassblowing. During the three-hour session, you’ll be working closely with an experienced team of glass specialists to create your very own masterpiece to take home.

All works created at the Art & Glass Studio are made using recycled glass bottles from Soneva Fushi and other nearby resorts. A personalized tour of the Soneva Art Gallery and the Soneva Glass Boutique is also available upon request.


Delve into the Soneva philosophy that places sustainability at its core when you tour Soneva Fushi’s Eco Centro and organic gardens at Fresh in the Garden.

See the many ways that the resort uses island-grown coconuts for food and materials, while also gaining an in-depth understanding of the principles of permaculture before picking greens and herbs for your lunch which will be prepared to your liking.

Soneva Academy

The brand recently introduced the Soneva Academy, which offers educational courses to children and teenagers (aged 12 and up) at both Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani. Learn about navigation, Maldivian marine life, and even mosquitoes! 

All the courses consist of four modules (3 sessions and one exam). The certification level takes young Sonevians from junior to expert, adding a new dimension to their schooling.

Nidraasana Sleep Programme

Do you have trouble sleeping or do you suffer from jet lag? Do you feel like the quality of your sleep could be improved? Meet with Soneva’s Sleep Ambassador, who will create a customised three-, five- or seven-day programme, providing you with a bespoke itinerary that will include a consultation as well as some activities in order to induce sleep.

You will also have a customised Sleep Box filled with goodies to help you on your way to dreamland, including special sleep chocolates, teas, homeopathy and Ayurvedic remedies, Chakra drops and stones, and specially made roll-ons. At the end of your stay, you can take your favourite items home with you.

Private Cinema Paradiso

Kick your feet up and lie back on the cushioned lounger with your family as you catch your favourite classics at Cinema Paradiso, Soneva Fushi’s outdoor movie theatre.

The waves lapping the shore, the gentle rustle of the trees and the glimmering night sky will only add to the experience. An additional option of a barbecue dinner served during the movie is available at an extra charge.

For more information, visit https://soneva.com/resorts/soneva-fushi/