Editor's PickApril 7, 2022

Editor’s Pick: Let Le Meridien Maldives Charm You with Their “Je Ne Sais Quoi”

What makes Maldives so monumental is the simplicity and beauty of nature’s magic. Just a glimpse of the suns golden orb over the turquoise ocean will send you into sublimity. Thilamaafushi Island will enthrall you with its charm as you step out of the seaplane and onto this secluded getaway island you will call home during your stay.

Le Meridian is a 141-villa resort inspired with glamourous European touches. The design of the resort commemorates the tropical island life of the Maldives, mingled with mid-century modern and Bauhaus aesthetics, very in brand for Marriott’s French debut.


Experience the ethereal beauty of the two thousand isles

Nature surrounds this island. With seagrass meadows and coral gardens brimming the ocean through which marine life are swarming their amusement arcade. Even though the island is secluded, you can take it one step further and booking the resorts private island, dine away at a beachside picnic, bask under the sun at your ease, or gaze at the ever so visible constellations.

Savor culinary creatives from around the globe

Cuisines from around the globe are honored here, with everything from local Maldivian Cuisine to Japanese at their collection of six restaurants and bar. At Turqoise, enjoy the soul hugging ocean breeze while indulging elevated all-day dining. Meanwhile, Velaa Bar + Grill is a beach side lounge as you savor grilled meats and seafood.

At Le Meridien, let their Master barista keep you caffeinated to your heart’s desire with handcrafted illy creations. Exclusively using illy coffee beans.

Make your vacation a learning experience

In order to connect guests with nature, Le Meridien launched a great initiative called ‘Thilamaafushi Marine Masters.’ Lead by the resorts dive partner, Sub Oceanic and in-house marine biologist, guests have the ability to book classes where they will be learning on topics such as topography, coral health monitoring, and turtle ray and shark modification. Their programs are available for everyone from young children to adults.

Enjoy Playtime with Family

With plenty to do on the island for everyone. Families can enjoy memorable excursions together whether it is sunset fishing trips, dolphin watching, or coral restoration projects. At The Le Meridien Family Kids Hub, their aim is to engage guests with the learning experience of flora and fauna that thrives on the island and its surrounding waters. Their edu-taining programs become life long memories to cherish back home.

For more information and to book your stay, visit https://www.marriott.com/en-us/hotels/mlemd-le-meridien-maldives-resort-and-spa/overview/