Editor's PickFebruary 6, 2024

Editor’s Pick: Siyam World – Where Every Moment is a Kaleidoscope of Experiences!

At Siyam World, guests can dive into an extraordinary escapade at the World of Possibilities! Whether you’re a foodie fanatic, an equestrian enthusiast, or a retro-chic explorer, there’s something extraordinary waiting to be discovered. With its “I can have it all” perception, Siyam World boasts a deep-rooted soul and a unique approach to everything, ensuring experiences for a holiday you’ll never forget.

Moke: Rev Up the Retro Ride

Guests staying at Siyam World’s Grand Water Pavilion or multiple bedroom beach residences can glide in style through the island’s trails! The custom Mini Moke – the iconic, now electric, British beach chariot – awaits. Each Moke comes decked out with an onboard sound system and a vibrant paint job named after a 90s music legend.


Siyam Water World: Slip, Slide, and Splash

The biggest floating water park in the Maldives invites guests to a wet and wild experience! It boasts everything from twisty slides to tricky parkour, water trampolines to epic climbing walls. And the best part? It’s all on the house for cherished guests!

Gaadiya: Savour Local Delicacies

Feast on local food delights at Gaadiya, the island’s flavour-packed pit stops! Dive into mouthwatering sweet, savoury treats and coconuts. Warning: one bite and you’ll crave for more!

Siyam World Horse Ranch: Saddle Up for Adventure

Horse lovers find solace at the 16,000 square meter Horse Ranch, a haven for majestic Marwari breed horses and playful ponies. Whether coasting along the shoreline at sunrise or sunset, experiencing the freedom of horseback riding, or spending time with the four-legged pals, the adventure never stops!

Siyam World beckons with an array of thrilling experiences. It’s about slipping down slides, cruising in a Moke named after rock royalty, or creating memories that’ll last a lifetime!