NewsDecember 16, 2023

Environment Ministry Signs MoU with CROSSROADS Maldives by S Hotels and Resorts Under Singha Estate

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Ministry of Climate Change, Environment and Energy together with CROSSROADS Maldives to collaborate on conducting awareness, knowledge sharing and capacity building development, and supporting OECMs recognition as per the OECMs guidelines. The MoU was signed on 11 December 2023.

The Ministry of Climate Change, Environment and Energy, in collaboration with CROSSROADS Maldives, has started a programme on awareness raising through Marine Discovery. This is a pilot programme to create awareness regarding coral restoration and the biodiversity of Maldives.


Deputy Minister Hassaan Mohamed spoke on the topic of awareness by remarking that “Awareness and outreach play a pivotal role in preserving the biodiversity in the Maldives. And that by understanding the delicate nature of our ecosystems and their threats, we empower ourselves to make informed decisions and take responsible actions. Public awareness plays a crucial role in fostering a sense of environmental stewardship, encouraging sustainable practices and supporting conservation efforts.”

Information dissemination is a key aspect of this programme, and 20 Students visited the Maldives Discovery Centre and Marine Discovery Centre at CROSSROADS Maldives. Information about coral restoration, biodiversity and the culture of the Maldives was given to the students to inaugurate the programme. This collaboration aims to undertake ongoing awareness, capacity building and knowledge sharing. Future programmes will be held for demographics covering children to elders; the community’s perception of their environment is essential in how they interact with it. 

The partners of this MoU are keen on protecting and conserving the natural environment of the country so that the biodiversity-rich areas maintain their natural integrity while also benefiting the communities that live around and within them. As remarked by Mr Michael Marshall, CEO of S Hotels and Resorts by Singha Estate, “Our Commitment to sustainable practices is not only part of our ethos but also embedded in the heart of our operations. Today, as we ink this MoU with the Ministry of Climate Change, Environment and Energy, we reaffirm our dedication to supporting their vision through cooperation and coordination”. 

The MoU signed is a testament to the mentioned aspects. The partnership with CROSSROADS Maldives marks a step towards achieving the huge task of delivering adequate information and filling gaps in capacity. CROSSROADS’ mission, “building big, protecting the small”, continues to be a beacon of sustainability in the Maldives, respecting and preserving the delicate equilibrium between the natural surroundings and the vibrant experiences the Maldives offers.